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Sheel International Limited was established in the year 1992 to produce milk products like Butter, Pure ghee, Milk powder, Skim milk and Liquid Milk. Government of India emphasized under its various program for nourishment of children, youth, old ager's and promote production of dairy items.The company got good maket response because of expertise of management who were well experienced in Dairy business.

But due to creation of excess capacity in the Buland Shahar District and Scarcity of Raw milk due to purchases made at exorbitant price by Mother Dairy and Amul for Liquid Milk supply in Delhi the surplus milk available for milk processing remained less, as a result costs went high and operation become non viable and management had to take the decision to stop the manufacturing in November 1998 and file application with the BIFR for declaration a sick company under section 15(1) of the Sick Industrial Company (Special Provision) Act, 1985. The hon'ble BIFR / AAIFR declined to declare the sick company as and dismissed the application / petition of the company.

Change of Name of The Company

The Company was incorporated on 28/11/1990 with the object of carrying on the Agriculture, Horticulture and biotechnologies activity. The shareholder in their AGM held on 29th September 2015 unanimously approved the change Name made in the main objects by passing a special resolution and adopted the new Name �SC Agrotech Limited".

The Existing name of the Company M/s Sheel International Ltd is being used since incorporation with its main object to carry on the business in dairy sector i.e Manufacturer & Sale dairy whitener, milk powder skimmed milk, Deshi Ghee etc. But the plant of the Company had been closed since 1998-99 and there is less chance to start the dairy plant located in Aurangabad, Buland Shahar, U.P. Since the Agriculture Biotechnologies, Horticulture is growing area as current policy of Govt, of the India like Swach Bharat Abhiyan etc emphasis on promotion of agriculture and biotechnology sector. It required less investment and high return. Management facing financial crises from last several years . Management decided to change the name of the Company commensurate with Biotechnologies & Agriculture activities under the existing object with new name.